1. Ashish Dhodia (That’s me)  

I started  “Enreld” out of my passion for learning & sharing about technology. In August 2018, I got to know about blogs & it took me about two months from then to start “Enreld”.

I have completed my 12th grade in 2018 and I am currently pursuing I.T. engineering. I reside in India and I like to keep myself updated with busy digital life around the world and prime objective behind “Enreld” is to keep everyone saturated with amazing news stories from across the globe.Video games and  sci-fi books are cure for my stress.

So yeah, that’s all about me.

I did it just because I love it!

2. Ninad Shukla

Ninad and I are best friends having same interests. We were together in high school and at present he is in Canada for further studies. He also is a bibliophile. Ninad is a curious person about ancient history and a traveller, who loves to explore new destinations.

Whenever together, we two share a lot of information and discuss many different topics of various fields. And now, together we are gaining more knowledge by connecting to you people!

Contact Us: admin@enreld.com