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What you need :

  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
Screenshot Of Rainmeter Web-Page

If you want to spruce up your Windows desktop beyond changing the wallpaper, give Rainmeter a go. This tool lets you add translucent widgets that float on top of your desktop, showing stats such as CPU, drive and network usage, as well as providing handy shortcuts. You can either add only the widgets you need or completely revamp your desktop by creating a new skin. To see just how powerful Rainmeter is, check what others have created on the Deviant Art Rainmeter site at The skins are downloadable and include Zelda Theme (see screenshot): (Link : Version 4.3 includes a new Container tool, which provides greater control over how individual skins are displayed on your desktop.

Zelda Theme
Zelda Theme
(I said “like Apex Legends” not
“Apex Legends” !!! )


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