If you want to download the entire website for offline use or anything here’s the way to do this.

Step: 1

Download the opensource software from given link: https://www.httrack.com/page/2/en/index.html

Step: 2

Install the software as given in the slider of images.

Step 1(0)Step 1(1)Step 1(3)Step 1(4)Step 1(5)Step 1(6)Step 1(7)Step 1(8)

Step: 3

Run the software. And Select OK.

Step: 4

Now go to website you want to download and copy the URL of website.

Step 4(0)Step 4(1)Step 4(3)

Step: 5

Now select next, then paste the URL and give path and select “set option”.

Select NextPaste URL and select Set Option

Step: 6

Now here comes the select option path, if you are not familiar with it then select cancel and go to finish.

That’s it now downloading has been started..!!

If you are not pro cancel it and select OKDownloading Started

Step: 7

Browse Mirrored WebsiteThat's it select WebsiteFinal Result

Now you can view downloaded website from given path.

And if you want to watch video procedure of this process then here’s the link to our YouTube channel video :



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